Andy's Writings & LIMEX
My Writings, Church Teachings & LIMEX
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Course 1 LIMEX Contexts
LIMEX Contexts

Course 2 Scripture
Sacred History
Genesis 3

Course 3 Christian Origins
Jesus' Life, Teachings and Parables
Paul's Theological Vision
Gospel of John

Course 4 Grace
Grace & Christ

Course 5 Spirituality, Morality & Ethics
Sacraments as Hermenutic of Experience
3 Historical Periods

Course 6 Personal
Ethical Analysis: Marriage
Social Analysis: Panhandling

Course 7 Socio-Cultural
Cultural Analysis
Social Analysis

Course 8 Traditional
Stages of Faith

Course 9 Institutional
Org Assessment

Course 10 Synthesis

Focus Course 1
Interview by Thomas Groome
Interview of Thomas Groome

Focus Course 2
Explicit, Implicit and Null Curriculum
Revising a Published Curriculum

Loyola Institute for Ministry
LIMEX Religious Studies Info

Encyclicals & Writings
Spe Salvi (On Christian Hope)
Poem: The Quest of a Stranger (Oct 1985)

Religious Subjects
Lectio Divina Explained
Marriage: Canon Law & Catechism
Richard Dawkins' God Delusion Critique
Natural Law in the Catholic Encyclopedia
10 Commandments Compare: Catholic to Exodus & Deuteronomy

Adult Ed Taught
1 Cor (Jan 2010), Mary (May 2009)
Shroud & Scripture (April 2015)
Navigating Scripture (Aug 2017)
Indulgences (Aug 2017)
Assumption & Queenship (Sep 2017)
Scriptural Senses, Exegetes & Stages of Gospels Formation (Jan 2018)

RCIA Taught
Lent (Jan 2008), Mary (Dec 2012), Saints (Oct 2012), Prayer (Mar 2012), Baptism (Feb 2004), Advent (Nov 2006)
Marriage (Feb 2008), Tradition (Oct 2005), Confirmation (Mar 2009), Reconciliation (Mar 2009), Creed-Our Father (Apr 2011), Sacrament Overview (Jan 2013), Scripture - Overview (Jan 2010), Anointing of the Sick (Feb 2008), Scripture - New Testament (Nov 2010)